Recycling Plastic Pallets

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Recycling Plastic Pallets

As a follow up to our previous case study on The Advantages of Plastic Pallets, we are looking at the life cycle of plastic pallets, and answering the most common question we got in response to that article; What about the environmental impact?

While the production of wooden pallets creates less carbon emissions during production, overall the plastic pallet is better for the environment in that it has a longer life span and the lighter weight means less fuel is needed during transport, reducing the overall carbon footprint of plastic pallets.

While both can be recycled the process in recycling wooden pallets is a lot easier. They are biodegradable and have no less lasting impact on the environment, and they can be burned (which, if they were made from cultivated wood, is effectively a carbon-neutral process). Plastic pallets however will languish as waste for a very long time if not discarded properly. If they are disposed of carefully and appropriately there is very little to separate the two, meaning the environmental impact in choosing one over the other is negligible.

The handy info-graph below shows the 4 main phases in the life of a plastic pallet.

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Getting the right pallet for your needs is vital. If you are still unsure and would like further guidance on whether a plastic pallet would suit your needs then give our team a call on 01388 777 700 or email us on

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