Driving School Roof Signs Pass the Test

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Plastic Mouldings Northern Ltd is helping many people recover from the effects Covid-19 has had on the economy and employment in the UK. With so many people becoming employed following months of furlough, the search for jobs during a recession has led many to seek alternative career paths and second jobs to supplement their incomes. One of the most popular of these jobs is that of driving instructor.

The idea of being your own boss, working flexible hours to suit your need and the satisfaction in helping people achieve a life goal are just some of the reasons why becoming a driving instructor is a popular choice for a second income.

Becoming a driving can be an incredibly rewarding job, you play a key role in helping pupils towards achieving a milestone moment in their life. For learners, completing lessons and gaining their driving licence is an immense achievement that many have been working towards for a considerable number of months.

The role of a driving instructor is a sought-after job and includes several different steps until you become fully qualified. Once you have completed your ADI driving instructor training and are fully qualified, it is your choice as to whether you opt for joining a driving school franchise or alternatively, start your own independent driving school.

You can find out more about becoming a driving instructor with this guide.

If you are planning on becoming an ADI then getting a roof sign and advertising is one of the things you’ll be looking to do, that is where we can help.

At Plastic Mouldings Northern Ltd we have been creating learner driver roof signs ever since we started manufacturing in 2003. Available in varying shapes and sizes we can also arrange for your name, logo and contact details to be printed on the sign, so it is customised to advertise your driving school to maximum effect!

roof-signs Driving School Roof Signs Pass the Test - Plastic Mouldings Northern

All our roof signs are fitted with 5 UK made super strong magnets and are moulded from top quality 4mm Acrylic Capped ABS in our County Durham factory. This material is UV resistant and will not fade with sunlight.

They are fitted with 5 UK made super strong magnets that can withstand speeds of up to 100mph. These magnets are rubberised, ensuring no damage to your vehicle. We can also supply rubber edging for the edge of the sign should you wish to have added protection against scratches.

The signs are designed to comply with the latest regulations set out by the DVSA. All learner drivers in the UK must display learner plates every time they are driving a car. They alert other road users that there’s a novice driver controlling the car. The sign must be a red letter on a white background with the specific dimensions as outlined in the graphic below.

l-plate-dims-150x150 Driving School Roof Signs Pass the Test - Plastic Mouldings Northern

For more information about all of our roof top signs call us on 01388 777 700 or email our team at sales@pmn-ltd.co.uk

You can see our full range of roof signs here, or read about some of the other products we manufacture here and here.

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