If Anyone Can PMN Can!

Established for over 20 years, innovation and collaboration are at the heart of our operations here at Plastic Mouldings Northern Ltd (PMN).

Our main output is the production of vacuum formed plastic parts, which sees the team supply high quality and often very intricate moulded parts to an array of industries. With an excellent reputation as a reliable supplier of customised parts, we invest extensive time and resources into development work and project management to support our customers.

A recent customer and one of the leading companies in the beverage can, food can, and aerosol packaging industry recently approached the team with the requirement to replace an existing vacuum formed tray used on a fully automated conveyor system within their facility. Each 1100x1100mm tray is required to hold up to 5,000 components.

The team worked closely with the customer on the design for the tray using an existing sample and following a site visit we were able to identify other aspects of the process which could be improved.

Previously, trays were placed on wooden pallets, however, as this requirement was for food grade the wooden pallets needed to be replaced every run. We recommended a bespoke plastic pallet which meets the clean room requirement while still being reusable rather than replaced. This has resulted in a near £700 saving per set on the pallet, tray and lid.

Freddy Bourdais, Co-Founder and Sales Director at Plastic Mouldings Northern Ltd commented on the project:

“We have a number of arms to the business, but at the root of everything we do is innovation and supporting customers with at times complex requirements to find the best solution to enhance productivity. This was an exciting project to work on and the experienced team ensured customer satisfaction and a more cost-effective way of operating. This has also led to the customer enquiring about the possibility of doing the same with another larger tray which is already in their system.

Alongside development work we offer project management throughout the thermoforming production process, giving production planning and delivery to suit the needs of our customers.”

To find out more email sales@pmn-ltd.co.uk

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