Innovative Plastic Solutions for Animal Care: Fish Bins, Hay Feeders, and Garden Ponds

Vacuum Formed Animal-Related Products at Plastic Mouldings Northern

This week, we’re excited to showcase three exceptional animal-related products from our comprehensive catalogue at Plastic Mouldings Northern. We specialise in producing fish bins, horse feeders, and garden ponds, among other animal-centric items. Our expertise in vacuum forming has established us as a premier supplier of customised and bespoke plastic products, catering to a diverse array of industries.

Hay Feeders: Enhancing Equine Feeding Experience

Our hay feeders are thoughtfully designed to fit snugly into the corner of a stable. Ideal for horses and ponies, these feeders facilitate feeding in a natural position. This design also minimises the mixing of feed with bedding. Crafted from 4mm HDPE and featuring a reinforced top, our hay feeders promise strength and durability, ensuring a long-lasting solution for equine care.

Fish Bins: Keeping Produce Fresh and Hygienic

Fish bins are a vital component for anyone in the food industry, from caterers and grocers to wholesalers and food processors. Our hygienic insulated bulk containers are perfect for preserving the freshness of produce. Made from high-quality, environmentally friendly materials, these bins are available in various sizes. They’re ideally suited for the transportation and storage of high-capacity food products, offering versatility across industrial and logistical applications.

Garden Ponds: A Durable and Safe Choice for Wildlife

Our 150L garden ponds, moulded from 3mm HDPE, stand out for their strength and resistance to weather conditions and deterioration. These ponds are deep enough to keep wildlife comfortable in all seasons, yet designed with safety in mind to mitigate any risks for children and pets.

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