Reusable Packaging Solution Found

Reusable packaging solutions have been found to an ongoing problem facing a new client.

After searching online for a medium to long term storage solution, one company contacted us to discuss the purchase of some Sleevepack containers. With a 1200×800 plastic pallet base the containers can hold up to 500kg and store a volume of up to 700 litres inside each 970mm tall container. The removable sides are thick enough and durable enough to prevent objects from penetrating. The container also comes with a specially designed lid to prevent the pallets slipping when stacked and makes the container a complete, watertight unit.

Returnable packaging solution sleevepack pallet

These containers provided the perfect reusable packaging solution to their storage problem, allowing the contents inside the current units to be decanted into the Sleevepacks. The customer has since purchased over 2,000 Sleevepack containers from Plastic Mouldings Northern Ltd.

One option previously looked at was the purchase of brand new units but at a quarter of the cost the Sleevepack containers were a much more economical solution. As well as freeing up the existing units be returned to site the containers can be stacked, which the bins can’t, saving space within the company’s warehouse. They are now able to store 320,000kg of material in the same floor space they could previously store 80,000kg.

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