Steeling Time Back With ‘Revolutionary’ Plastic Parts

UK based and operating on a national and international scale here at Plastic Mouldings Northern Ltd (PMN) we work with and supply to a portfolio of industries and supply chains of leading manufacturers including Nissan, Caterpillar, JCB, Bentley and Toyota.

Innovation and collaboration are at our core and the team have a strong reputation for revolutionising operations with their innovative, design-led solutions saving time, resources and enhancing productivity.

A recent project saw the team work with Yorkshire Stainless Ltd (part of the AMEG family of companies), the leading stockholder of stainless steel Pipe, Tube, Fittings and Flanges, supplying all sectors across the UK.


Yorkshire Stainless Ltd (YSL) recently invested in 10 x Kardex Shuttles, which feature an enclosed shelf-based storage system designed to increase capacity in a more compact footprint. These Kardex Shuttles have a total of 550 metal trays for up to 500Kg of components per tray.

YSL needed a solution to enhance the operations as they had tried wooded and metal dividers, but the wood solution would leave bits in the trays potentially damaging the Kardex Shuttles, the metal was too heavy (120 kg per tray using up too much of the 500Kg capacity) and too expensive.

We were approached to work closely with YSL to find a solution. Through the project we needed to utilise our innovative capabilities to supply lightweight plastic divider sets with the flexibility to have multiple configurations allowing a different set up in each tray. The solution was over 14k off 4.5mm Natural PP divider strips in 8 different sizes, with slots at 107mm and 114mm centres, longest 1825mm.


The revolutionary solution led to a host of benefits including the creation of over 120 divider configurations to handle over 100k parts, the pick rate reduced from an average of 20 mins per part to less than 90 seconds and a reduced number of industrial units needed from 8 to 3, therefore saving on rent and rates.

YSL also benefited from better H&S as they removed FLT movement from the factory and eliminated picking from a height in traditional racking, they now use a paperless system for order picking and due to the success of the collaboration YSL stress that the introduction of the Kardex Shuttles and PMN’s plastic dividers have “revolutionised” their operation.


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