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Here at Plastic Mouldings Northern we supply Jouplast. Our range of products include the popular adjustable risers, that have proven to be very popular on amazon. Furthermore, we supply to leading retailers such as Wickes, B&Q and Homebase, where we supply adjustable and self-levelling risers as well as the Alveplac gravel support grid. Since our exclusivity agreement to distribute equipment across Britain, we have been very successful supplying Jouplast products.

Our decking risers come in several sizes, ranging from 20/30mm to 140/230mm. The Jouplast range of decking risers, are a robust product. Our risers improve working conditions, as well as simplifying the laying of decking. The design of the base of the risers are shaped to prevent damage to flat roofs as well as the perforated design eliminating water retention against rot and stagnant water, making them perfect against the dreaded British weather. The large support surface of the product is 100cm² and is easily installed by inserting a screw on the side, which means there is no need for adjusting the beam’s position once the beam is on top of the riser pedestal.  Pictured below is the 20/30mm decking riser, along with our largest decking riser the 140/230mm.

As well as decking risers, our range also covers paving risers. With our decking risers, you simply lay the slabs on top of the paving pedestal, with one pedestal per corner. The adjustable height of the riser enables to set the desired heights. Just like the Jouplast decking risers, our range is between 20/30mm to 140/230mm and have a base support shaped to prevent damage to flat roofs and therefore eliminate water retention. The spacers within the risers are notched at right angles for easy installation and have an 8 pointed cut out nut which is adjustable with one hand, making the riser easy to set and maintain the desired height.

As well as decking risers, we also supply self-levelling risers, that are perfect for paving and ceramic. The self-levelling risers are described as the essential tool for a terrace on a slope, and are ideal for slabs, tiles or ceramic. The product ranges from 29/39mm to 155/245mm, and have automatic levelling, that can create, or deal with a 5% slope.

Another Jouplast product that we have added to our range is the flexible lawn edging. This is a product that we have introduced to the UK market. The flexible lawn edging allows for perfect lines between your flowerbeds and lawn. The flexible lawn edging is strong enough to retain concrete or cold mixed asphalt. Due to the hold of 8 plastic stakes, the lengths are easy to use as they clip together. The product has an integrated assembling and locking system. This ensures the product is quick and easy to install and blends seamlessly. To achieve a straight line or curves up to 90°, the edging just needs to be cut accordingly.

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