Types of Plastic Pallet Boxes

There are many different types of plastic pallet boxes, all of which are a versatile alternative to traditional containers, plastic pallet boxes are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their durable nature and ability to offer maximum protection. They keep moisture out and are resistant to all forms of weather, meaning that they make a great choice if you’re transporting delicate things such as food, liquids or pharmaceuticals.

Unlike wooden pallets or boxes, plastic boxes are far easier to handle, and they can be stacked and stored in a way which saves a huge amount of space. All this means is there are fewer breakages and a safer working environment for those using them. They last longer than cardboard and wooden varieties and are reusable, meaning they can save you a lot of money when it comes to return transportation. Many hours are reduced thanks to the fact that they can be moved easily compared to other forms of pallets and pallet boxes. But perhaps the number one reason the plastic pallet box has become so popular is due to the fact that it is so easy to clean, offering a hygienic environment that other types of pallet boxes are unable to provide.

Folding containers collapse when empty, therefore offering excellent space and fuel savings, especially on return journey transport, they are sturdy and provide exceptional internal capacity. The collapsible pallet boxes give the robustness of a normal plastic pallet box but with the added flexibility of collapsible sides. The folding plastic pallet box design allows the sides to drop down to ensure easy access to the contents within. The collapsible pallet boxes are suitable for many different industries that transfer or ship products that need to be unloaded quickly, such as retail or food industries.

Rigid pallet boxes are perfect for repeated use on account of being so robust and strong making them perfectly designed to store materials. They are generally made from HDPE plastic and can hold up to 750kg even on a rack, proving their sturdiness and reliability. Ideal for all types of bulk storage, distribution and waste recycling, they are also easily stacked. This means you can both save on space and reduce transportation costs. Often used in the food sector due to their large racking capacity, ease of cleaning and use with forklifts and automated conveyor systems. Lids are also available to make them completely closed and keep contents clean and protected.

Sleevepack pallet boxes, made up from three plastic components – a strong, hygienic pallet base, a fully sealed 5mm sleeve centre, and a secure fitting lid – are easy to assemble and guarantee economic and safe transportation as well as space saving storage and return transport. They can be folded and placed in the container for the return and storage of empty boxes. The lids and pallets are then stacked separately. The main features are: Maximum volume reduction, Easy Handling, moisture protection, weatherproof, durable with a long service life.

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