Vacuum Formed Lid Seals the Deal

A bespoke vacuum formed lid has been created at Plastic Mouldings Northern’s factory in Bishop Auckland.

We were recently approached by a client in the automotive industry who were unable to find a solution to their logistics problem. The client uses half sized Euro pallets for storage and transportation but couldn’t find any lids on the market to fit the 800x600mm pallets.

They found that loaded pallets were unstable and became insecure when stacked, and as the pallets couldn’t be stacked, they were losing a lot of space during transportation and storage.

The unsteady transportation meant that stock was becoming damaged, broken or lost, resulting in financial losses.

vacuum formed lid plastic mouldings northern

After a consultation period Plastic Mouldings Northern Ltd designed and manufactured a bespoke vacuum formed lid for the 800x600mm pallet.

The completed lids fit perfectly on to the pallet to securing its contents once loaded making it safer to transport over short and long distances.

As well as ensuring the contents underneath are secure the lid also contains specially designed lips which prevents pallets loaded on top from slipping. This allows the pallets to be stacked, saving space during both transportation and storage.

vacuum formed lid created by plastic mouldings northern

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