Vacuum Formed Trays

Plastic Mouldings Northern continues to create bespoke vacuum formed trays for clients across a wide range industries. In recent weeks we have created packaging inserts for clients in the automotive, retail and electronics industries.

We have the capability to vacuum form almost any design. Our team have 100+ years of combined skill and experience and can always suggest a cost effective solution to your manufacturing needs.

bespoke thermoformed plastic packaging trays


There are many benefits to Vacuum Forming:

  • Freedom of design – simple conversion of flat plastic panels to complex 3D components, improving product image at minimal additional cost
  • Aesthetically pleasing – products can be moulded from pre-coloured, textured plastic with a very high quality finish, enhancing your brand
  • Large parts can be economically moulded
  • Low cost tooling – compared to other moulding processes, as little as 10% of the price in most cases
  • Fast and cost effective start up – through prototyping, low volume production batches and full scale production
  • Cost effective even for small volume runs
  • Design features and detail can be transferred from the moulding tool without the need for a secondary process
  • No weight restriction of components
  • Undercuts possible, with specialist moulding techniques
  • More cost effective than the injection moulding process in most cases.

We work closely with our customers throughout the design and development process, creating quality vacuum formed trays with ‘A’ level of service unrivaled within our industry.

Contact our team today on 01388 777 700 or email to discuss your packaging and thermoforming needs.

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