Vacuum Forming Drives Growth

Here at PMN our vacuum forming expertise continues to drive the company forward. As the economy continues to recover following the coronavirus pandemic, Plastic Mouldings Northern goes from strength to strength and continues to supply top quality vacuum formed products across a range of industries. In the past 3 months we have utilized all our expertise and available capacity to complete a number of projects in different industries.


1.4×1.2m RTP Automotive Tray

An existing customer came to us with a requirement of between 1,200 and 1,500 for 3 different versions of the same size tray. Trays were moulded with distinctive colour stripe through it for easy identification. The 1400x1200x80mm trays are designed to ship finished parts into their an end user within the automotive industry. Due to the capacity of our large machine we were able to form the parts using a 2 impression tool, allow savings on the manufacture costs of the trays. Our maximum forming sizes are 3500 x 1500 and up to 600mm deep. The trays are all formed in 5mm HDPE and finished on our in house 5 axis CNC machine. Designed specifically for the machining of thermoformed and composite components, our range of CNC machines gives us the ability to consistently finish complex mouldings, in a fraction of the time required by manual methods. Having this machine available for projects such as this underlines our commitment to fulfil our customers’ demands for quality and consistency.


vacuum formed tray for automotive customer

Tray and Lid Set for Engineering

A new customer who offers precision engineered parts required a bespoke tray and lid set to secure parts in transit. The tray needed to be 300x300x27mm with compatible lid, and needed to have anti-static properties. We can vacuum form customised parts in a range of plastic including: ABS, Acrylic, APET, ASA, ESD, HIPS, HDPE, PVC, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, PETG, Polystyrene, and Fire Retardant Materials with our workable material thickness ranging from 200 microns up to 15mm. For this tray and lid set we formed in a 1mm ESD HIPS material giving the tray both the required strength and the anti-static property. Following design consultations between our production team and the customer a design was finalised and a full production run of 300 trays was completed. We have a strong emphasis on relationship building, understanding the needs of our customers and meeting their expectations, proven by this customer having already come back for help designing trays for a further two upcoming projects they are working on.

ESD vacuum formed packaging tray

Tray, Lid and Pallet Set for Packaging

A well renowned company in the packaging industry came to us with a requirement to replace an existing vacuum formed tray used on a fully automated conveyor system within their facility. Each 1100x1100mm tray is required to hold up to 5,000 components. With no access to existing tooling we worked the client on the design for the tray using an existing sample, and following a site visit PMN were able to identify other aspects of the process which we could improve. Previously, trays were placed on wooden pallets, however, as this requirement was for food grade the wooden pallets needed to be replaced every run. PMN recommended a bespoke plastic pallet which meets the clean room requirement while still being reused rather than replaced. This has resulted in a near £700 saving per set on the pallet, tray and lid. Working with our partners we have been producing full sets of bespoke plastic pallets, vacuum formed trays and aluminum pallet lids. Once again customer satisfaction has led to the customer enquiring about the possibility of doing the same with another larger tray which is already in their system. We have an excellent reputation as a reliable supplier of customised parts. This is down to the fact that we invest time and resources into development work and offer project management throughout the thermoforming production process. As well as giving production planning and delivery to suit your needs.

Vacuum Formed Packaging TrayBespoke Plastic Pallet packaging vacuum formedvacuum formed project


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