Dunnage Airbags from Plastic Mouldings Northern Ltd

Dunnage Airbags Fill the Gap

Plastic Mouldings Northern Ltd is now supplying dunnage airbags to a range of customers across the UK. As an established distributor of pallets, pallet boxes, and euro containers as well as the bespoke vacuum formed parts manufactured at our Bishop Auckland headquarters, the dunnage bags, quite literally, fill a gap in the needs of our customers.

Popular across a wide range of industries, including food, beverage, oil and paper, dunnage bags have proven to be a fast and efficient way of optimising load security. The reusable dunnage airbags ensure loads are secured during transportation by filling void spaces and reducing the risk of damage.

Most commonly used in containers for train and sea freights, the dunnage bags inflate in seconds to fill awkward voids between products, which prevent the loads from shifting or falling during transportation.

The lightweight, heavy-duty woven polypropylene airbags are puncture and moisture resistant against punctures and moisture. We airbags can easily be deflated and reused, making them an excellent, cost effective option for securing your cargo.


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