PPE Face Mask produced by Plastic Mouldings Northern Ltd

Face Mask Featured on BBC

A face mask designed and produced by Plastic Mouldings Northern Ltd was featured on BBC 1’s Look North program on Tuesday April 14th 2020.

Although not mentioned by name, the face mask shown in the segment has been designed by PMN, in co-operation with our partners RM Design & Engineering. The foam filter at the front of the mask will be coated in a special ink that is believed to kill the COVID-19 virus. Plastic Mouldings Northern Ltd has invested significantly in this design and will sell the products at cost to those who need it.

While the mask has not been FFP2 or FFP3 certified at present it can still be used and can help extend the life of current PPE. Disposable N95 filter masks, which would previously only be used once can now be used up to 4 times, this is achieved by cutting the mask into 60mm squares and placing them into the front of the PMN mask. Once used, the filter is removed and the mask can be microwaved for 60 seconds, this will sterilise the plastic and elastic head bands, a new filter can then be fitted.

The face mask is planned to go into full production before the end of April.

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A research paper on microwave sterilisation can be found here.

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