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Sustainability and the Plastic Packaging Tax

Global Momentum Towards Recycling and Sustainability

The global push to reduce plastic waste and enhance recycling efforts continues to intensify, with sustainability increasingly driving the demand for higher recycled content in packaging and transportation of products.

Updates on the UK’s Plastic Packaging Tax

Nearly two years after its introduction, the Plastic Packaging Tax has seen an adjustment. The UK government, aligning the tax with the Consumer Price Index (CPI), has raised the rate to £217.85 per tonne. This rate applies to all plastic packaging manufactured in or imported into the UK after 1 April 2024, which contains less than 30% recycled plastic.

Plastic Mouldings Northern: Leading by Example

At Plastic Mouldings Northern, we pride ourselves on leading the industry with 95% of our products exempt from the Plastic Packaging Tax. Our commitment to reuse, recycle, and repair is stronger than ever as we continue to drive sustainability through innovative approaches. Plastic should be viewed as a dynamic material, and through responsible usage and recycling initiatives, we support supply chains in navigating the complexities of plastic use in logistics, paving the way for a sustainable future.

Future Directions and International Comparisons

The recent HMRC announcement regarding the tax increase also hinted at potential future changes, including further rate hikes and an increase in the minimum recycled content threshold. Calls from industry experts urge the government to escalate the Plastic Packaging Tax to ensure that UK brands, manufacturers, and recyclers can remain competitive with EU legislation, which is moving towards mandating recycled content of up to 65% by 2040. Experts argue that the current UK rate may not sufficiently incentivise meaningful change.

The Role of the Plastic Packaging Tax in Promoting Sustainability

The Plastic Packaging Tax in the UK represents a significant step towards a greener, more sustainable future. It sends a clear message to businesses about the government’s commitment to reducing plastic waste and promoting environmentally friendly practices. However, it is crucial to recognise that the Plastic Packaging Tax is a constantly evolving issue that logistics and plastic packaging stakeholders need to stay proactive about.

Expert Opinion: Matthew Whittle on Sustainable Logistics

Matthew Whittle, Sales Manager at Plastic Mouldings Northern, has been a vital part of our team since his university days. His role is diverse, encompassing project management from inception to completion, including design, development, and costing.

Matthew’s Insights on Sustainable Packaging

“Within the company we have a sustainable vision for logistics and the use of returnable plastic packaging solutions are at our core, with the ethos of reuse, recycle and repair where applicable. Finding sustainable packaging solutions looks to be an ever-evolving task as we move into Q2 of 2024 and a hot topic of discussion in the industry that we’ll be following closely.” Matthew explains.

To find out how out more about our sustainable vision and how your project can benefit from a returnable plastic packaging solution contact us today.