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Horse Feeders are Best in Show

Horse feeders manufactured in our Bishop Auckland factory are helping horse owners prepare for the cold months ahead.

With winter approaching and the days and nights getting colder horse owners and trainers are preparing to give their horses comfort during the darker months.

As the horses take shelter inside the stables their opportunities to graze are diminished. If not properly addressed this can have negative effects on their digestive systems and overall health.

horse feeders designed and manufactured by Plastic Mouldings Northern Ltd

We have designed and continue to manufacture a bespoke hay feeder that allows horses to continue their natural feeding habits when stabled. The feeder, when placed correctly in the corner of a stable, encourages the horses to eat from close to the floor. As a result of their tilted head position this keeps their airways clear and mimics how they naturally graze in the wild. The forage is taken slowly which aids in digestion and helps reduce waste as the forage is less likely to mix with bedding.

Feeders are available in horse and pony size. They are moulded from a high-density polyethylene with a reinforced top edge making it rust proof, rot proof, durable and easy to clean.

The hay feeders are available to buy direct from our Amazon store.


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