Latest Information – 20th March 2020

Due to the rapidly spreading novel coronavirus we have set forth the following guidelines:

Production continues at present, but changes may affect completion dates and delivery;

Production continues within our factory and as our supply chain is predominantly UK based, we don’t anticipate delays on production at present. However, due to the fast pace and changing developments, our production and/or our suppliers may be affected.

We are continually re-evaluating the situation based on the latest news to implement quick countermeasures. If anything changes within our supply chain, we will develop suitable measures to minimise the risk.

Continued office and sales support for new and current orders;

We continue to support our customers with inquires on current projects or consulting for new projects. Consulting and support will be done primarily by phone or video call to minimise the risk of infection. Should the need arise for our office staff to work from remote locations, we are equipped to still be able to offer this support in most circumstances.

If a personal visit is necessary, our employees will come to your site if permitted by official regulations.

Personal protection for our employees;

In order to protect our employees, we have elaborated general guidelines that serve as a basis for the definition of local measures.

Comprehensive action points for all employees are extended to home office regulations and alternative solutions for employees who cannot work from home as well as guidelines for individual solutions for employees with a shortage of childcare and regulations for people within the ‘at risk’ group. Personal protection of all employees at their workplace must be strictly enforced by observing hygiene rules and by reducing business trips and meetings to an absolute minimum.

Furthermore, our employees are urged to ensure that regulations issued by local government and health authorities are observed in every respect within their area of responsibility.

If you have any questions regarding a current or new order or for more information you can call us on 01388 777 700 between 9am and 5pm Moday to Friday or email our team at anytime.

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