Materia vacuum forming solutions

Materia Trims Times at Plastic Mouldings Northern

Time is Money: Trimming Times at Plastic Mouldings Northern

Introduction to Advanced Vacuum Forming Solutions

Plastic Mouldings Northern has significantly enhanced its vacuum forming capabilities with the addition of two Biesse Materia CL machines. In an era where efficiency equals profitability, these 5-axis machines are a game-changer, increasing job completion speeds by 20% without compromising the tight tolerances required by clients. This strategic investment enables the delivery of high-quality vacuum formed parts without increasing customer costs, a testament to the company’s innovative approach in today’s economic climate.

Specialised Approach in Vacuum Forming

Mark Rigg, Managing Director of Plastic Mouldings Northern, underscores the company’s dedication to high tolerance, low volume work, setting them apart in the vacuum forming UK sector. Since 2002, PMN has been a frontrunner in producing bespoke vacuum formed customised parts, balancing high and low-volume orders with unmatched precision. Their commitment to versatility has fostered a diverse client base across multiple industries, including automotive and aerospace, cementing their position as a trusted partner for intricate vacuum formed packaging and parts.

Materia vacuum forming solutions

Materia CL: Enhancing Efficiency and Precision

The acquisition of Materia CL CNC machining centres marks a pivotal moment for PMN, specifically addressing the challenges of meeting tight tolerances demanded by top-tier clients. The machines’ advanced features, like continuous c-axis rotation and automatic tool measurement, have revolutionised how PMN approaches vacuum forming projects, significantly reducing cycle times and improving finish quality. This investment not only caters to the high standards of current customers but also attracts new business by showcasing PMN’s commitment to quality and efficiency.

The Benefits of Continuous Rotation and Accurate Machining

Continuous c-axis rotation eliminates inefficiencies associated with traditional machining, offering seamless production processes and superior finishes, particularly evident in complex parts like ABS seat backs. Simultaneously, the integration of automatic tool measurement ensures enduring precision, maintaining the accuracy of each part over time. These technological advancements underscore PMN’s mission to maintain competitive pricing while enhancing productivity and quality in their contract moulding and vacuum forming services.

Future Outlook and Commitment to Quality

Looking ahead, PMN is focused on continuous improvement and expansion. The significant investment in cutting-edge CNC machinery prepares the company for future growth and challenges, reinforcing its dedication to providing high-quality, efficient vacuum forming solutions. This strategic approach ensures that PMN remains a leader in the plastic moulding industry, ready to meet the evolving needs of their clients with innovative solutions like returnable transit trays and bespoke plastic products.

Conclusion: A Step Forward for Plastic Mouldings Northern

Plastic Mouldings Northern’s investment in Biesse Materia CL machines is a testament to their commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. By enhancing their vacuum forming and CNC capabilities, PMN is poised for future success, continuing to serve their prestigious client base while expanding their reach in the market for vacuum formed parts and packaging. This forward-thinking approach ensures that PMN remains at the forefront of the vacuum forming and plastic mouldings industry in the UK.

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