Packaging That Pays Out

Established for over 20 years, we are an industry innovator that has gained a leading reputation in dealing in second hand and reconditioned plastic pallets, large pallet boxes and euro containers alongside our manufacturing capabilities in creating new and bespoke packaging solutions.

Plastic pallets have become a crucial part of warehousing and logistics, largely due to their unrivalled performance and sustainable benefits. Although it is generally accepted that recycling a wooden pallet is a lot easier, plastic plates and other plastic packaging could be another revenue stream for businesses.

As an established buyer and seller of plastic pallets, here at Plastic Mouldings Northern Ltd we can offer you the chance to make money on any unwanted plastic packaging through our Buy Back Scheme, offering both a recyclable solution and an additional revenue stream for businesses and their plastic waste.

Freddy Bourdais, Co-founder and Sales Director at Plastic Mouldings Northern Ltd said:

“Our Buy Back Scheme lets your plastic packaging pay for itself. We can offer businesses the chance to make money on any unwanted plastic packaging, whether it was bought from us or not. We assess the plastic waste and give customers a quote to buy it direct for cash and not credit like some schemes.

The old plastic pallets will be assessed when they reach us and will either be put back into the market as second-hand stock or sent to our recycling partners where they will be turned into plastic granules, ready to be used again in making more plastic pallets.”

While the production of wooden pallets creates less carbon emissions during production, overall, the plastic pallet is better for the environment in that it has a longer life span and the lighter weight means less fuel is needed during transport, reducing the overall carbon footprint of plastic pallets.

Freddy added:

“When the Honda car factory in Swindon closed down we were given the contract of clearing their now redundant plastic packaging. This included over 5000 folding pallet boxes as well as plastic pallets and euro containers previously used in their supply chain. Upon clearing the site PMN sent 25 tonne to regrind, saving over 200 tonnes of plastic waste and recirculating it back into many other industries and extending the life span of many products.”

If you want to find out how your redundant plastic waste can make you money, get in contact and let your plastic packaging pay for itself or 01388 777700.