Driving School Sign Magnetic – Large Aerodynamic

Included: Sign with fittings – base, magnets, 2 x red vinyl Ls, and a quick guide to positioning, removing and cleaning your sign.

SKU: aero-dynamic-sign-pmn-dis-004


Additional information

Moulded from top quality 4mm Acrylic Capped ABS.
Material is UV resistant and will not fade with sunlight, keeping its crisp white look for at least 3 years.
This shape of this sign is based on the famous Japanese Bullet Train, it’s considered as the futuristic driving instructor roof sign.
We’ll provide 2 red ‘L’ vinyls for you to position on the sign. This is easily done- please use high pressure to prevent air bubbles.
This sign comes fitted with protective rubber edging for no additional charge. This means there’s no unnecessary damage to your vehicle during attachment or removal of the sign.

Aerodynamic Feature
The aerodynamic design results in more efficient fuel consumption, which is critical considering current fuel prices.
Based on test carried out by Plastic Mouldings Northern Ltd, the aero dynamic shape can save up to 10% on fuel consumption/ 10% more miles per gallon – compared to a normal sign. The tests were carried out in an air tunnel, with speeds on 30, 50, 60 and 70mph.
Obviously, this statistic is dependent different variables including, vehicle speed, weather conditions, wind speeds etc.

Magnet Specifications:
This sign is fitted with 5 UK-made super strong magnets (not to be confused with the inferior Chinese magnets).
Our magnets are rubberised, ensuring no damage to your vehicle.
The magnets can withstand speeds of up to 100mph.

Additional Services:
We can arrange for your name, logo or any contact details to be printed on the sign. The easiest way to send us your artwork instructions is to buy the sign(s) and graphics from our online store ‘’.
Here, you can add instruction, wording, imaging etc. We’ll proof the design back to you until you’re entirely happy.

Size (External) 630 x 580mm