plastic netting used as protective packaging

New Protective Packaging Options Available

Our selection of protective packaging continues to grow as we now stock a range of plastic sleeving that can be used as a low-cost and time-saving solution.

The sleeve mesh is ideal for product protection and separation of products in all process, handling, shipping and storage applications. It can help protect objects against unsightly scratches and helps reduce the need for repainting, re-label or polishing surface areas. Rust and corrosion are minimised as the netting creates a breathable separating layer between the parts, and as it is open mesh it won’t absorb fluids or restrict air flow like cardboard dividers. It is easy to apply and is ideal for awkward shaped items as the mesh netting hugs easily around corners and curved edges.

plastic netting used as protective packaging plastic netting used as protective packagingprotective packaging for machine parts

The netting is available in a range of sizes to suit diameters of between 6mm and 400mm and comes in a single reel of 50 metre length which you can cut to suit your need.

To discuss your requirements and find out how we can help with your protective packaging needs contact a member of our sales team on 01388 777 700 or email

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