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Q&A with Matthew Whittle, Sales Manager

Evolving Roles and Innovation at Plastic Mouldings Northern Ltd

Day-to-Day Dynamics in a Thriving Business Environment

Matthew, a key member at Plastic Mouldings Northern Ltd (PMN) since his university days, reflects on his journey from overseeing e-commerce to now being responsible for a significant portion of the company’s turnover. His day-to-day role is diverse, encompassing project management from inception to completion, including design, development, and costing. His growing involvement in the company’s operations also includes nurturing the next generation of talent.

The Can-Do Culture at PMN

The company culture at PMN is centered around a tight-knit team with long-standing staff members, fostering a sense of freedom and initiative. This can-do attitude underpins their approach to business, with no limits on order values and a commitment to finding ways to support customers. PMN has established a strong reputation locally, nationally, and internationally through trust and quality service.

How PMN’s Culture Benefits Clients

PMN’s positive culture is focused on turning client challenges into opportunities for optimal and cost-effective packaging solutions. This approach, coupled with their willingness to recommend other services if beneficial for the customer, highlights their dedication to client satisfaction. The team’s experience in solving various problems translates into benefits like cost savings and improved productivity for customers.

Client Engagement and Solution Development

Direct Customer Interaction and Tailored Solutions

Matthew plays a crucial role in customer relations, acting as the main point of contact and overseeing projects from start to finish. His extensive knowledge, supported by the PMN team, ensures that all client needs are met and maintained effectively.

What Sets PMN Apart in the Industry?

Continuous Investment and Unique Service Proposition

PMN’s uniqueness in the industry stems from its continuous investment in machinery and tooling, enhancing its capabilities for bespoke projects. The company’s independence from any single manufacturer allows them to source the best solutions globally. PMN stands out as a full-circle solutions supplier, combining aspects of vacuum forming, injection moulding, and reconditioning to deliver successful outcomes.

Spotlight on a Recent Project

Bespoke Solutions for Global Automotive Leader

Matthew shares his experience with a significant project for a global automotive company, involving the delivery of bespoke-sized Euro Containers. The project showcased PMN’s flexibility and dynamic approach, as they invested in new tooling to produce custom-made containers, demonstrating their ability to meet unique client requirements.

How PMN’s Solutions Drive Success

Innovation and Collaboration in Action

PMN’s innovative and collaborative approach is evident in a project with Yorkshire Stainless Ltd (YSL), where they supplied lightweight plastic divider sets for Kardex Shuttles. This solution led to significant improvements in operations, including a drastic reduction in pick rates and a decrease in the number of industrial units required, showcasing PMN’s ability to enhance productivity and efficiency.

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