Rent A Crate Option Available

Did you know you can rent a crate from Plastic Mouldings Northern to solve any short, medium or long term storage needs?

We supply a range of attached lid containers that come in a wide variety of sizes that are both versatile and practical; ideal for packing and storing valuables.

Rent A Crate from Plastic Mouldings NorthernRent A Crate from Plastic Mouldings Northern

Our crates have been used by schools, libraries, councils and police forces for office relocation, site removals, archive storage, handling forensic evidence and courier services. The uses aren’t limited to just these however, the crates have many features which make the possibilities for use endless!

The rent a crate containers stack on top of each other when the lid is closed and nest within each other when the lid is open to maximise available space. Available in a range of sizes there is no storage problem we can’t help you solve.

All attached lid containers are water resistant, hard wearing, protective and more durable than cardboard meaning they can be used again and again. The integral lid cannot become separated from the container and inhibits theft when fitted with tamper-evident seals.

The lightweight crates come with wide, comfortable handles making them easy to lift and carry.

Optional drop-in card holders can be fitted to both ends of the crate and come with a clear cover to retain and protect the card.

Rented crates are available to collect or for delivery nationwide. Contact our team to discuss your rental needs on 01388 777 000 or email

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