Folding Euro Containers

Our Folding Euro Containers are the perfect blend of convenience and efficiency. Designed for easy storage and transport, these foldable Euro containers save valuable space when not in use. Constructed from durable materials, they ensure longevity and robust protection for your items. With a range of standard Euro sizes available, they seamlessly fit Euro and Container pallet footprints. Enhance your storage solutions with our versatile and practical Folding Euro Containers, ideal for a wide variety of applications.
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FEU8445 – 800x600x445mm

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FEU6420 – 600x400x420mm

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FEU4320 – 400x300x320mm

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FEU4270 – 400x300x270mm

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FEU4220 – 400x300x220mm

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Folding Euro Containers
Vertical ribs marry up to building compact and stable loads
Folding Euro Containers provide maximum internal volume, due to their straight walls
Reinforced corners ensure absolute safety when transporting heavy loads, using fork-lifts and automated handling equipment
Smooth bases provide silent movement on conveyors
Many sizes are available with solid or ventilated sides and base
Folding versions are available for ultimate storage and transport savings
Folding Euro containers are designed with ergonomic hand grips for effective manual handling
Lids can be supplied for all sizes

Standard footprints are:


These modular sizes fit both Euro (1200x800mm) and Container (1200x1000mm) pallet footprints.

If you cannot find the size you are looking for, please contact us with your specific requirements.